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coercing cool weather with chinato.

Ah, it has started…the subtle shift of the sun’s intensity. The almost imperceptible drop in degrees in the early morning hours. The beginning of Fall. I was born for Autumn. I savor it from these first few sips all the way past Christmas, when I am told to put away the earth-toned apparel and welcome … Continue reading

what to pair with marathon training?

As some of you know, I am nearing the end of training for the New York Marathon on November 7th.  This week marks the last gruelish of runs (21 miles)—three weeks from the big day. Training has been rough.  I still haven’t found the right shoes, since my favorite kind no longer exists.  I have … Continue reading

Refosco: rosé with a little funk.

As many of you know, I am sucker for interesting rosé.  Well, rosé of all kind, really… but the ones that cause a pause—that demonstrate considerable complexity—really steal my heart. One such wine found itself in my glass last night at Napa & Co. in Samford Connecticut—a brief overnight away from New York City.  The … Continue reading

all ambience, with a side of nostalgia.

Contrary to my last entry, I went with my family to a restaurant in Milwaukee when I was home for the holidays that was very much about ambience, and though the food and wine was not by any means gourmet Michelin star-rated, it was wholesome, tasty, and served Midwest-style (meaning, you had to roll yourself … Continue reading

from the land of lambrusco: emilia-romagna wine.

Last week, I was showing some wines at an event in Cherry Creek for the launch of a new clothing line at Lawrence Covell, whose designer—Raffele Caruso—is from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Emilia-Romagna has a long, fascinating history that unfortunately escapes even the most astute wine connoisseurs. Its diverse range of wine production … Continue reading

european scribbles, pt. deux, no. 3: I dream of… Freisa?

I have now been fortunate to travel throughout Europe twice in the past few months. Perhaps the universe is telling me I cannot have it all, for both times I have been struck with sickness greater than any other I have had in the past couple years.  Albeit, it is still just a horrible cold, … Continue reading

barbaresco…eh, it’s okay…

The 1995 Giacosa Barbaresco Santo Stefano di Nieve was more than just okay.  It was riveting. This might be the best wine I have tasted this year.  It was one of those wines that managed to make you a little emotional, stop your breath, drown out the sounds… I was sipping this wine with five … Continue reading

european scribbles, pt. deux, no. 2.: when in Piemonte… go Barolo.

So there I was, dining at Guido da Castigliole, a restaurant in the wine cellar of Ralais San Maurizio Hotel del Monastero, a gorgeous monastery turned hotel I was staying in during my time in Piemonte, the northwestern wine region in Italy, famed for its white truffles, cheese, but mainly… its wine.  Given the honored, … Continue reading


What wine made you fall? For most wine professionals and enthusiasts, the point of no return came down to one particular bottle.  One colleague once described to me that ’82 Latour,  another remembered following his father into a cold, dark cellar in the Rhone when he was sixteen and sharing what would be a life-changing … Continue reading

white wine with marinara?

And so it was that tonight my lack of foresight greeted me.  I came home, exhausted from a long day at work, to find little else than cereal, milk, cheese, olives, and spaghetti for potential dinner options.  Having already had cereal once today, I opted for the pasta. As the water boiled, I snacked on … Continue reading

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