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another side of napa at the 2012 wine festival.

I admit. I went in with my biases at this year’s 21st Annual Wine Festival of Colorado Springs, put on by our sister store Coaltrain with the Fine Arts Center. Every year they knock it right out of the park with incredible speakers, winemakers, demonstrations and pairing seminars. This year’s focus was Napa. I assumed … Continue reading

Best is Best: A reflection on 2011’s best wines.

Every year, I am amazed at the wealth of new wines that find their way to the market. It opens my eyes to the potential of so many regions and varietals. This past year, so many wines made an impression on me. Some, new vintages of old friends. Others, brand new kids on the block … Continue reading

bootcamp diaries, day 3: mother nature’s rotten ways.

My final full day on Spring Mountain I woke up early and followed my nose to the Schweiger’s home just across the road from Paloma. Coffee and a delicious homemade breakfast awaited me. I, along with a few others from the group, sat around and talked shop. One guy runs a Wine Styles store near … Continue reading

more bootcamp diaries on spring mountain: day 2

It’s been a few days now since my return from Spring Mountain… but I just can’t stop thinking about my short time there. It was actually more idyllic than I imagined it could be. Rolling vineyards, clear afternoon skies that relentlessly pushed past the contemplative morning fog, a slight breeze to raise the hair on … Continue reading

bootcamp diaries on napa’s spring mountain: day 1

Driving through the curtain of fog from San Fran to Napa, I was determined to swallow my car sickness and enjoy the view. But miles of industry and slum made it difficult. So I focused instead on breathing and staring at the rubber panels on the floor of the bus, until someone yelled, ‘Napa!’ No … Continue reading

More bread please: Eating our way through San Fran

It has been years since I have traveled with a friend anywhere. I have visited some for sure. But that is not the same thing. I recall reading once in letters between Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf that it was important they meet somewhere aside from each other’s homes–Paris or the like. For when two … Continue reading

Where have I been?: Jonata wine.

They’ve done it again.  California has gone and compelled me to take up the pen and write about my newfound love for one of its producers: Jonata, owned by the famously sought-after Screaming Eagle of Napa. A couple of days ago, my rep walked in with the manager of this estate, Armand de Maigret—a Frenchman, … Continue reading

Ghostwriter: Damn good Pinot.

Meeting up with a few friends tonight at Table 6—my favorite eatery in Denver—the owner/sommelier, Aaron Foreman, introduced me to a wine I have never had: the 2008 Ghostwriter Pinot Noir out of the increasingly popular Santa Cruz hills.  He knows my palate, so I always trust his selections. I was blown away. It’s not … Continue reading

all ambience, with a side of nostalgia.

Contrary to my last entry, I went with my family to a restaurant in Milwaukee when I was home for the holidays that was very much about ambience, and though the food and wine was not by any means gourmet Michelin star-rated, it was wholesome, tasty, and served Midwest-style (meaning, you had to roll yourself … Continue reading

getting to know…charbono.

Recently wrote this for a local distributor.  It was fascinating what I learned about this lesser known varietal, Charbono.  I thought I would share the findings… Many people, in fact many wine connoisseurs even, might wrinkle their foreheads and cup their ears for a second try if they heard the term ‘Charbono’.  And that is … Continue reading

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