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euro scribbles: amuse my bouche at l’arnsbourg.

On Terry Theise’s recommendation (and Bobby Stuckey’s reaction to this recommendation), we took a detour and found ourselves in the middle of nowhere north in the Vosges for a night. Here, hidden among the the thick deciduous trees and trout streams is a Relaix & Chateaux harnessing one of the most famous culinary gems on … Continue reading

a brief encounter: montreal in 34 hours.

Sometimes, regardless of the time spent in actual transit, one must jump on the chance to explore a new city. When I learned that I could go to Montreal for a lengthy day and a half, I had my bag packed in minutes and a passport in hand. I have wanted to see Montreal for … Continue reading

For the record… young Bordeaux does pair well with some cheese.x

Preparing for my in-store tasting last night featuring Bordeaux, I thought to pair them with a few cheeses, when it occurred to me that I had no idea where to start.  Nothing came naturally to my palate’s memory that quite made sense. I apparently was not alone, as I learned when I decided to ask … Continue reading

on a more positive note: 2009 bordeaux.

Best to follow a slam session with a side of optimism.  A lot of hype is coming about for the 2009 Bordeaux.  Are people blowing it out of proportion, taking a decent vintage to another level simply to up the prices and gain back all that was hindered in the last few years? Well, the … Continue reading

the cheese stands alone: my humble opinion of the 2008 bordeaux vintage.

(Deep breath.  My most daring, opinionated leap yet…) I’ve tallied the votes, and the verdict seems clear… I am greatly outnumbered by those who would disagree with my unfavorable opinion of the 2008 Bordeaux vintage. But how could this be?  My palate may overlook a detail or two—a hint of lavender or a touch of … Continue reading

the business of bordeaux.

Following the last week of the 97th Tour de France, I was thrilled to set my eyes (and lips) upon one of the most famous wine regions in the world: Bordeaux.  Not only that, but my manfriend and I had the rare pleasure to tour and dine with Jean-Charles Cazes—son of the owner of the … Continue reading

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