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Geeking out yet again: 7th Annual Wine Geek Dinner 2012

This has been the second year I have been fortunate to attend the incredible Wine Geek Dinner, put on by my dear friend and part owner of Elysium Fine Wines, Trevor Martin (aka my Lopez de Heredia dealer). Each year he slaves away for literally days before this event, prepping the dishes and scribbling like … Continue reading

Just another Sunday afternoon?

Sometimes it isn’t a matter of waking up on the wrong side. At times, a day will flop on its side several hours in, as my did a couple nights ago. This was without a doubt such a remarkable afternoon, it can’t live in my mediocre memory for long. It must see print and longevity. … Continue reading

DU Vin Festival this weekend!

Show your support for the upcoming 2nd annual DuVin, put on by students at the University of Denver. This is a wonderful opportunity to sample over 150 wines from around the world on Saturday, Nov 5th from Noon-4. Here are a few more details taken from their website: “The Grand Tasting will be on Saturday, … Continue reading

seeking perfection in pairing: a night with frasca and kermit lynch.

White knuckled up 36 north to Boulder, I wonder sometimes what provoked me to be a stagiere at Frasca Food & Wine. I didn’t have much intention to ever work the floor as a practicing sommelier, but what I knew was that this restaurant would be the best place to improve my skills regardless. To … Continue reading

Cooking with Wine: Does it Matter?

We’ve all been told to cook only with wine you would drink. But what does that mean? Wine that you can swallow without wincing? And what about specific kinds of wine for a recipe. Does it matter if you use Pinot Noir or Cab? Chard or Sauv Blanc? When it comes to cooking with wine, … Continue reading

Roast beast and friends: A global guide to pairing wine this holiday.

And so it begins, with the passing of the bird at Thanksgiving, the advent of the holiday season. Already a volunteer for Salvation Army was ringing the bell outside the grocery, and Bing Crosby blared from the speakers as I sifted through dented apples. My calendar is slowly filling with bonfires, festivals and parties of … Continue reading

turn it on: aphrodisiac food & wine pairings.

Is it true that some foods can actually put one ‘in the mood’?  For centuries,  aphrodisiacs have been sought after and consumed by those who are wishful thinking for its…well…benefits.  Though the science is suspect, it’s not  without a hint of logic. Whether lion’s blood or bull testicles, elephant tusks or pig genitals, each substance  … Continue reading

good acid. good fruit. bring it on big bird…

Pairing Thanksgiving and holiday dinners shouldn’t be dreadful.  In fact, like the meal itself, it should give one a sense of permissible indulgence.  When other time of year can you buy so many wines from around the world, knowing all have their place for perfect articulation with some classic dish on the table? Rather than … Continue reading

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