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Love, New York and a one night stand.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to kid about how Sutter Home White Zin was the wine that started this great love affair. But it’s not really true. No, White Zin–along with just about every other wine I indiscriminately placed in the cart– was just that wine I had late night rendezvous with, the … Continue reading

godello… on its ‘leaves.’

In the western part of Spain, within the lush region of Galicia, lies a little isolated sub-region noted for its singular dry, warm climate—unlike Galicia but akin to most other wine regions in Spain.  It lives in the rain shadow of the Sierra de Larouca range.  The Godello grape, a native to Galicia, was almost … Continue reading

Tasting a memory: a night with Lopez.

Have you ever actually felt the mechanics of a memory in the making?  Like a photograph mid-click, you can already sense that this is one you will want to keep in your wallet and return to for decades to come.  I am quite certain that these moments hold so much weight, because they are, quite … Continue reading

european scribblings no. 1: buenas dias barcelona.

Though I wish I could have sent what you will find to be a series of scribblings from my time abroad these past couple weeks actually from there in real time, I have kept close records and wanted to share them with you now over the course of the next month. My trip began in … Continue reading

1998 rosé?

Is that even possible? Oh, yes it is. Thankfully, there is a winery like R. Lopez de Heredia in Rioja, Spain to deliver such a rare, provoking possibility.  Before today, I had only tasted the reds and whites from the Lopez line, which are divine to say the least.  But this legendary rosé, composed of … Continue reading

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