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a reason to write: a visit with emidio pepe

Every now and again, you encounter a moment… a day in your life that you instantly realize will forever be apart of you. Beneath the books, flashcards and tastings that have come to swallow my life in the past couple years, today was a day that caused me to pause and really reflect on why … Continue reading

euro scribbles: winter “work” the south of france.

An otherwise frail, gentle looking woman of about just under feet and perhaps seven decades of time on earth elbows me to hobble into the train before me.  As I stumble to get my balance back, I think, ‘Ah yes, it feels good to be back in France.’ A hazy afternoon of planes, trains and … Continue reading

Geeking out yet again: 7th Annual Wine Geek Dinner 2012

This has been the second year I have been fortunate to attend the incredible Wine Geek Dinner, put on by my dear friend and part owner of Elysium Fine Wines, Trevor Martin (aka my Lopez de Heredia dealer). Each year he slaves away for literally days before this event, prepping the dishes and scribbling like … Continue reading

more bootcamp diaries on spring mountain: day 2

It’s been a few days now since my return from Spring Mountain… but I just can’t stop thinking about my short time there. It was actually more idyllic than I imagined it could be. Rolling vineyards, clear afternoon skies that relentlessly pushed past the contemplative morning fog, a slight breeze to raise the hair on … Continue reading

Sulfites: My newfound nemesis.

January has long since been my least favorite month of the year. In fact, I begin to fear its arrival just as I am clearing my Christmas dinner plate into the garbage. My stomach notes that familiar drop, that uneasy turn… then memories begin to flood. I have come to associate January with loss, having … Continue reading

a white… for rigid red wine sippers.

As a wine buyer for a shop in Denver, Colorado, I am always deeply intrigued by what wines turn the mass public on or off.  And why?  I hold in-store tastings twice weekly, allowing for me to really peel away the layers of presumption that paralyze so many when it comes to wine. I get … Continue reading

Lalalala…Lulu. A rosé that makes you think.

I was smitten.  The moment I held that Mourvedre in my mouth, it was over.  Finally, an American rosé that was not only fun, delightful, light—the usual suspects of an unpretentious pink—the 2008 Bedrock ‘Ode to Lulu’ Rosé was positively provocative. I  was to think about that rosé for the rest of the night.  Its … Continue reading

Biodynamic: All it’s cracked up to be? Part 2, So…

Are you still there?  Good.  Why might this actually work?  Think about it.  An incredible amount of time and manual labor is put into biodynamic wine.  Not only is the planting and preparation conscientiously ceremonious, the reaping of grapes are meticulously done by hand, the crushing applied with utmost delicacy, and the entire mindset is … Continue reading

Biodynamic: All it’s cracked up to be? Part 1, What is it?

A little loony.  In all honesty, that was my first impression of biodynamic wine.  Cow horns and moon cycles?  That was it.  I had heard enough.  Maybe if I were looking to pair the wine with granola… but I was not. However, this questionable process that seemed only to promise a passing fad a few … Continue reading

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