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Conclusions: South African wine, part five.

Never again will I stand by and listen to another dismissal of South African wine.  I refuse to participate in this tired dialogue.  This weekend was incredibly eye-opening for me.  Finally, I could taste a plethora of SA wine and choose for myself what I thought.  And what I think is that although there inevitably … Continue reading

Make me a match: South African wine, part four.

And so, the cheese and wine tasting. Both last and this year I attended this seminar.  I must admit, it is always my favorite part of the whole weekend.  The winemakers (or, in this case, ambassadors) form a panel at the front of the room.  Whole Foods are given samples of the wines to pair … Continue reading

A tangent: South African wine, part three.

I began yesterday’s beautiful, sun-drenched Colorado morning on a heavenly note: a wine and cheese seminar with South African ambassadors (see, typically the actual winemakers are here, but being on the other side of the world, South Africa is in ‘crush’, or, harvest at the moment…). The seminar took place at the idyllic Garden of … Continue reading

History: South African wine, part two.

Let us begin with a short history of South African wine… Old World?  New World? This pleasant ‘straddling’ problem as to what side of the wine world South Africa sits upon is pretty provocative.  It is widely understood that SA is a ‘new world’ wine growing region.  However its roots are literally steeped centuries into … Continue reading

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