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A night of wine, food, the pink jersey & supporting young riders…

    A lot of people forget that was has become one of the world’s top professional cycling teams began as a youth development team about9 years ago with a couple of rackety cars and jerseys that matched. It was a team that offered young riders an opportunity to get into the European circuit by … Continue reading

Gluten in some wines?: Why celiacs may not need to cross wine off their list just yet.

I just had to share the following email correspondence between a customer and myself regarding gluten in wine. Surprisingly, I have not had to confront this question until now. I always assumed it was gluten free, as my celiac customers would buy their GF beer and a bottle of vino. Turns out, that’s not always … Continue reading

To drink or not to drink: That is the pregnant question.

Last weekend was a dry one. I visited my sister in San Diego to celebrate the future arrival of her newest family member. Preggo and proud, she was just short of waddling at seven months and looking radiant as ever. I never got to see her the last time she was pregnant. But it’s true… … Continue reading

Sulfites: My newfound nemesis.

January has long since been my least favorite month of the year. In fact, I begin to fear its arrival just as I am clearing my Christmas dinner plate into the garbage. My stomach notes that familiar drop, that uneasy turn… then memories begin to flood. I have come to associate January with loss, having … Continue reading

what doesn’t kill you… the moldy cork explained.

An alarmed customer walked into my store the other day with a wine capsule foil torn to reveal the rim. Before she even tried to explain, I knew what was coming. Her face scrunched up as she pointed to the greenish-white mold atop the cork. I assured her it was okay, when it occurred to … Continue reading

unapologetic: barolo grill and the need for criticism to promote culture.

It was brought to my attention that not everyone follows Denver’s Westword publication–a free journal that explores local events and issues.  Just a couple days ago, I was thrilled to finally have my 2 seconds of famed and was featured in their ‘Comment of the Day’ section online. It was in response to their food … Continue reading

champagne: it really does go to your head.

Billie Holiday may have meant tipsy when she wrote about bubbles in a glass of Champagne going to her head, but I’ll have you know those  little carbonated beads of perfection do more for your head than you might think.  Red isn’t the only color of wine that provides health benefits.  Recent studies have revealed … Continue reading

the business of bordeaux.

Following the last week of the 97th Tour de France, I was thrilled to set my eyes (and lips) upon one of the most famous wine regions in the world: Bordeaux.  Not only that, but my manfriend and I had the rare pleasure to tour and dine with Jean-Charles Cazes—son of the owner of the … Continue reading

Mineral, elegance, focus, balance: Martine’s 2010 Portfolio Tasting

As I sit at San Francisco’s airport, I savor the moments that filled the past two days. I flew into San Fran for the annual tasting of my favorite importer’s portfolio: Martine’s Wines—a French wine importer who lives in California and is renowned for her exceptional global selections of wine. The one common denominator these … Continue reading

Conclusions: South African wine, part five.

Never again will I stand by and listen to another dismissal of South African wine.  I refuse to participate in this tired dialogue.  This weekend was incredibly eye-opening for me.  Finally, I could taste a plethora of SA wine and choose for myself what I thought.  And what I think is that although there inevitably … Continue reading

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