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euro scribbles: a final day in Champagne…

Where terroir is written in the wine when it comes to Burgundy–each parcel of land portraying its life with meticulous accuracy–Champagne’s terroir can be a little more difficult to decipher. At least for me. That is why it became so important to pay attention to each individual winemaker’s passion here. Each emphasized particular philosophies and … Continue reading

euro scribbles cont: getting down to business in the land of bubbles.

The morning is met with a rescheduled appointment, a series of unfortunate orienteering, but alas… unforgettable snapshots of memories that may not have been had we not gone off course. Not far from Ay, we visit Hautvilliers–home to the L’Abbaye of Dom Perignon. Though he did not invent these beads of beauty, he did learn … Continue reading

Le troisième Tour de French wines!

As I gear up to head across the pond, here’s the 3rd Annual tour ahead… by the bottle. It’s a list I pull together every year for my customers. I figure my 3 readers (or 4 now?) may want to take a gander at the wine regions this year’s Tour de France plans to cycle … Continue reading

Geeking out yet again: 7th Annual Wine Geek Dinner 2012

This has been the second year I have been fortunate to attend the incredible Wine Geek Dinner, put on by my dear friend and part owner of Elysium Fine Wines, Trevor Martin (aka my Lopez de Heredia dealer). Each year he slaves away for literally days before this event, prepping the dishes and scribbling like … Continue reading

How to saber bubbles (and generally look badass).

Ever dreamed of winning friends and impressing thousands with one simple act? The vision of you being thrown onto the shoulders of loved ones and strangers alike, all shouting your name and cheering? We want to teach you a trick that just might help. Resolve to be hard core this year by learning how to … Continue reading

casting for deliciousness: a new eatery for Denver locavores

Positive energy penetrates the newborn Wild Catch in Uptown on 17th and Ogden. Faces materialize from past restaurants, as servers and chefs from Frasca, Z Cuisine, Masterpiece Deli, Tag, Squeaky Bean and others come together with a new vision. Not only have they been bit by the epicurean bug that is buzzing through Denver and … Continue reading

Which bed for the bubbly? A thumbnail guide to glassware.

Ever wonder what’s up with all the different shaped champagne glasses?  With holiday parties looming, this question always surfaces.  Each shapes tells a history and purpose for their existence.  Here’s the run down…   The Flute: The flute still finds the most prevalence on the table.  It may not offer the most room for swirling … Continue reading

champagne: it really does go to your head.

Billie Holiday may have meant tipsy when she wrote about bubbles in a glass of Champagne going to her head, but I’ll have you know those  little carbonated beads of perfection do more for your head than you might think.  Red isn’t the only color of wine that provides health benefits.  Recent studies have revealed … Continue reading

Champagne that’s worth it: the importance of small growers

Champagne.  The word alone inspires a sense of pedigree, prestige and nobility.  Its history runs long, dating back to the first century.  It wasn’t until the seventeenth century, though, when, by accident, these still wines went through secondary fermentation during a journey to Spain and Portugal. Alas, the bliss of bubbles was born. No matter … Continue reading

South American sparkling? What a refreshing idea…

When my colleague approached me one day and said he had some sensational South American bubbly he wanted to try me on, I read his face searching for slightest sign of sarcasm or wile.  After a second, I knew he was serious.  Well, of course, I would be delighted to try them immediately.  I didn’t … Continue reading

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