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please pass the meat marshmallows: eleven madison park, nyc.

Foams and gels—we’re not talking hair salons.  We’re talking Eleven Madison Park Restaurant.  The site of the grandest dinner I have ever experienced in New York City.  Ask most foodies, and this is the height of culinary imagination in the city. I was given the rare opportunity to revel in its excellence, because Jonathan and … Continue reading

exhale: mission accomplished, or how the nyc marathon beat me up.

On my plane ride to NY, I got to talking with this woman.  She was young, had three children, and was a full time nurse in Colorado.  Not before long, I learned that her reason for traveling to NY wasn’t for shopping, plays or marathons.  She was going to NY to attend a conference on … Continue reading

inhale: the eve of the nyc marathon

It is often said that a marathon is designed for those who have a strong will.  That moreso than physical endurance, it is the mental tenacity of the runner that gets them just past 26 miles. In my lifetime, I have managed to finish a masters degree, quit smoking and stop biting my fingernails.  For … Continue reading

what to pair with marathon training?

As some of you know, I am nearing the end of training for the New York Marathon on November 7th.  This week marks the last gruelish of runs (21 miles)—three weeks from the big day. Training has been rough.  I still haven’t found the right shoes, since my favorite kind no longer exists.  I have … Continue reading

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