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euroscribbles: a reason to write.

Thick moody clouds were between myself and Paris as that familiar tug of melancholy started to pull. I don’t even hit the ground before I lament my leaving. I just feel so at home in France… the soils, the air, the pace…

Almost as soon as this sweet sting of reality threatens to break my skin, I realize that I am simply too spoiled. I am in France for goodness’ sake! And I couldn’t be happier at this very moment knowing that what is to come involves two and half weeks meeting some incredible growers and experiencing unparalleled countryside.

It has been about one year exactly since I lifted my metaphorical pen. Life, work, teaching, family and every other excuse took precedence. And to be honest, I needed some space from the pen. I needed to step back in order to renew my language and focus with wine. For one thing, I am hung up on texture at the moment. The way a wine feels moreso than how it tastes. It has been a challenge to find the words to describe the tale of the tongue vs the novel the nose can drone on about with seeming ease. And who doesn’t like a challenge? From slippery wines to finely grained, supple to surreal with steady evolution, wine has dimension that cannot purely be left to le nez.

And so, inspired as I am by texture, where better to analyze than in France–among the most terroir-driven and subtle wines in the world. Here, wine is felt, as I have mentioned before in relation to Burgundy. So I hope you care to hear more in the next couple weeks…


About mistralwine1982

Originally from Wisconsin, I moved to Colorado in 2005 in order to get closer to the mountains and rock climb. When it occurred to me that I would never make money with that hobby, I went to grad school. I received a masters in English and American Literature from New York University in May of 2009. I have since then opted not to pursue a PhD, for studying and writing about wine is far more fascinating (well, perhaps not moreso than Virginia Woolf, but still… for the long haul?). My favorite wines come from the old world, especially the Rhone, Burgundy, Rioja, Piedmont, and Tuscany. I am also smitten with roses, Italian hard-to-pronounce white varietals, and dessert wines from around the world. By day I run a wine shop. By nite, I sip and tell. It’s rough… but someone must do this.


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