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hurts so good: underberg.

Sitting around the Thanksgiving table last year in New York, bellies full, moans audible, a friend of mine began to distribute these funny little paper wrapped bottles with some German gibberish on the label.  Underberg.  Hmmm… “What is this?” I asked.  “Don’t ask.  Just drink it,” was the response.  Okay… kind of sketchy.  Luckily the bottle neck was so teeny tiny, my nostrils couldn’t anticipate what was to follow.  I took it down fast, I scrunched up my face, I let out a ‘yuck,’ and for a minute I wondered why the heck anyone would drink this horrid stuff.

But then the answer revealed itself.

Underberg is a German digestif bitter.  This top secret recipe of distilled herbs has been kept under lock and key by the Underberg family since 1846 when it was created by Hubert Underberg-Albrecht.  It’s a mighty powerful little liquid, but within minutes, your body finds a way to break down hearty meals, indigestion, heartburn, and stomach dis-ease.  It’s hugely popular to bring to hosts of holidays events in New York, but it hasn’t quite caught on here in the middle of Denver.  But it’s truly a miracle worker.  Within moments, you are ready for more turkey and taters.  May not be the best diet plan, though.

Take some with you to your next event.  No one will like it, but it will be a major hit.  I promise.


About mistralwine1982

Originally from Wisconsin, I moved to Colorado in 2005 in order to get closer to the mountains and rock climb. When it occurred to me that I would never make money with that hobby, I went to grad school. I received a masters in English and American Literature from New York University in May of 2009. I have since then opted not to pursue a PhD, for studying and writing about wine is far more fascinating (well, perhaps not moreso than Virginia Woolf, but still… for the long haul?). My favorite wines come from the old world, especially the Rhone, Burgundy, Rioja, Piedmont, and Tuscany. I am also smitten with roses, Italian hard-to-pronounce white varietals, and dessert wines from around the world. By day I run a wine shop. By nite, I sip and tell. It’s rough… but someone must do this.


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