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still unripe…for now.

For several years, wine has been a passion of mine. As a career, it has been several months. When I made the decision to postpone (or possibly abandon) a life in academia–stopping at a master’s degree in English and never sending out those Phd apps–I chose to uncork another passion: wine. I knew immediately, I wanted to write, but I knew it would be several years before I could speak with greater authority on the subject.

And so, I had this idea. You learn with me.

Several wine blogs and journals pride themselves on breaking from the pedantic mould of wine pedagogy. They crack the cork code and translate it for you into human speak. And for them, we are truly grateful. But this blog seeks to take it one step further.

My intention is not to enlighten you by acting as an omniscient translator. This isn’t urban dictionary. This is me, evolving…learning as much as I possibly can about wine, because I genuinely want to find a way to make a living off of passion. I will be telling you in layman’s terms, because they will likely be the only words I can comfortably share in a public forum.

So, sit back, sip, and always throw back questions whenever they arise throughout this process. Even if I don’t know, you can be sure I will figure it out.


About mistralwine1982

Originally from Wisconsin, I moved to Colorado in 2005 in order to get closer to the mountains and rock climb. When it occurred to me that I would never make money with that hobby, I went to grad school. I received a masters in English and American Literature from New York University in May of 2009. I have since then opted not to pursue a PhD, for studying and writing about wine is far more fascinating (well, perhaps not moreso than Virginia Woolf, but still… for the long haul?). My favorite wines come from the old world, especially the Rhone, Burgundy, Rioja, Piedmont, and Tuscany. I am also smitten with roses, Italian hard-to-pronounce white varietals, and dessert wines from around the world. By day I run a wine shop. By nite, I sip and tell. It’s rough… but someone must do this.


One thought on “still unripe…for now.

  1. I’ve been entertained and actually kind of entranced by your blog. I love reading and listening and watching people who have a passion for something like yours with wine. Enthusiasts are the only ones worth surrounding yourself with.

    Its odd because, while I don’t come close to realizing the fixation with wine necessarily, I do feel I am missing out on something wonderful. Its a club where, if you have the willingness, anyone can be involved. I’ve had my “taste” of it, though, in the poor man’s version, beer. My roommates and I have been brewing our own beers, taking them to tasting clubs, and even growing our own hops breeds. I’m finding that a developing palate is one of the beautiful wonders in human life.

    But I sense that while beer introduces people like me to the various gradations of what the palate has to offer, it lacks the comparison to art that wine holds. At this point, I can tell a good wine from bad in gross generality, like art, but where wine grabs my interest is its many comparisons to art.

    The comparison with art that most interests me at the moment, while hard for me to describe actually, is in its challenging nature. It seems to me, through some of your writing and others’, is that it is not meant to be “entertaining” all of the time. I’ve never heard of another drink “startling” or “haunting” in its description. Like art, much of the quality has to be taken from the intent of the maker; among other things. The closest I can relate to is the complexities of fine cigars and the way they change through not only the initial consumption, but through repeated smokes.

    I don’t know…its late and I am tiring. But I wish you would write a section about wine’s connection to art in your opinion, so that I can understand more.

    Awaiting more intro and extrospection,


    Posted by Jared | 06/21/2009, 1:07 am

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