Originally from Wisconsin, I moved to Colorado in 2005 in order to get closer to the mountains and rock climb. When it occurred to me that I would never make money with that hobby, I went to grad school. I received a masters in English and American Literature from New York University in May of 2009. I have since then opted not to pursue a PhD, for studying and writing about wine is far more fascinating (well, perhaps not moreso than Virginia Woolf, but still… for the long haul?). My favorite wines come from the old world, especially the Rhone, Burgundy, Rioja, Piedmont, and Tuscany. I am also smitten with roses, Italian hard-to-pronounce white varietals, and dessert wines from around the world. By day I run a wine shop. By nite, I sip and tell. It’s rough… but someone must do this.
ahausman has written 178 posts for the persistent palate.

euro scribbles: epic raindrops in the rhone…

Heartbreak in the south as well. Just as I was settling into the car this morning, anxious to meet another producer–Helene Thebon of Mas de Libian–I called her son Aurelian to confirm the address. This polite but flustered young man explained that perhaps it wasn’t the best day to visit. The hard rain I felt … Continue reading

euro scribbles: a mid-summer night’s dream at la beaugraviere.

That night, we had to go to La Beaugraviere in Mondragon. It is one of our favorite restaurants in the world. The food is very good and reflective of local specialties. Actually, they are regionally famous for their talent in truffle hunting. You can enjoy your truffles just about any which way you desire. Mostly, … Continue reading

euro scribbles: travels outside the tongue.

It turns out that I simply cannot drink all the time. Experience cannot only depend on the tale of the tongue. A few entries from my last few days… July 17 Back at Pere Bise, I am sore from pinching myself. Each time I peer back out my window, it is still there– the diamond … Continue reading

euro scribbles: savoie sips of âpremont at domaine jean masson

I moved to Colorado, because I am overwhelmed by mountains– their size, silence and beauty. Their omniscient presence. From my passion for climbing them to the character the remnants imbue in the wine I am most fond of drinking, rocks and soil hold me captive. They offer me nothing but joy and contemplation. So one … Continue reading

euro scribbles: the hipsters of bourgogne.

Not a few kilmometers away was our next appointment in Auxey-Duresses with the oldest new kids in town: Clos du Moulin aux Moines. This estate was among the first to ever be settled and operating in Bourgogne back in 962 A.D. The Cluny monks knew what was up when they saw a productive river flowing … Continue reading

euro scribbles: a few minutes can change everything.

In a matter of a few minutes, one can take the dog out, write a short letter, enjoy a roller coaster or smoke a cigarette. It seems brief. Maybe even insignificant oftentimes in terms of duration. But in light of natural disaster, each second is weighted with consequence. Before making our way to Annecy, I … Continue reading

euro scribbles: dinner with friends…

(Note: this was written on the afternoon of July 14th– the race stops for no one, especially the writer, so you will mind its belated information.) A day of remembrance and celebration, Bastille Day sees villages all around France celebrating the end of feudalism– raising a glass and lighting a firecracker to their Republic. Bastille … Continue reading

euro scribbles: a day in auxerre with goisot.

Never having driven before in France, I thought now might be a good time to try, since I was flying solo in CDG en route to Chablis. Twice the average cost to ensure an automatic (shush, I am not proud that I do not drive manual) and a GPS later, I was white-knuckled on the … Continue reading

euroscribbles: a reason to write.

Thick moody clouds were between myself and Paris as that familiar tug of melancholy started to pull. I don’t even hit the ground before I lament my leaving. I just feel so at home in France… the soils, the air, the pace… Almost as soon as this sweet sting of reality threatens to break my … Continue reading

euro scribbles: a final note… (it involves fist-pumping a french waiter)

Words fail to conjure the emotion felt the first time you set eyes upon or even return to a place like the southern Rhone. We pulled up to a hotel we know quite well, a 16th century castle King Henry built for his mistress but called his ‘hunting lodge’, called Chateau Massillan.  Young lavender filled … Continue reading


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